October 16, 2012

A message to B.

Missing someone. My heartbeat, my little boy.

He grew up in front of my very eyes, my little nephew.

He is, kind of, my Heart.

He is, somewhat, the smartest kid there is in my eyes.

I am not jealous of him knowing the fact that his grandmother, my mom, loves him more than me. Why because he is more beloved to me than myself (Of course after Rasulullah(as) )

You know I love you, you know you mean the world to me. I miss you. I haven't seen you in ages, I see you in my dreams and I cry out, wanting, to hug you and take you in my arms. But I know, now you are a big boy, at 12 ma sha Allah. You'd get annoyed saying 'mama I have grown up, please get of off me' :D

I see my youth in you, even though I know, someday, I might become a father in sha Allah (of course it happens after my marriage in sha Allah. Silly!) . But I know myself, hence I can tell you with conviction that none could take your place. I don't care if in the future my offspring, son or daughter, gets jealous of you, even though I believe they'll love you as much as I do; if not more.

My sweet nephew. You know how difficult it is for us without you? You are faraway from us, we cannot see you whenever we want to. Worse still, it is much more painful for us to think that you miss being with us. As you know very well, your happiness is all what we ask for.

Alhamdulillaah for everything and I apologize to my readers if I have upset them.

You know why I posted this? I posted this to let you know how much does this person mean to me. So if you benefit from any of my posts and you love me for that, please know that I'll want you to love him too and keep him in your prayers.

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