October 18, 2012

bdnews24.com: News agency or blasphemy corp.?

An opinion on eid-ul azha (Qurbani eid) was posted on bdnews24.com recently. The author wrote some ridiculously blasphemous things which need to be rectified sooner rather than later. I think, we Muslims, should seriously be vocal about these things, otherwise this blasphemy could really take over. It is especially confusing to those of us who are not firmly established in the knowledge of Islam. Hence, we should raise our voice on a wider level. I mean, posting a blog post or a status on facebook is great and definitely nice for a start. But it is not enough.

So how do we go about it? Simple. Either stop reading and warn others about bdnews24.com or raise voice against the news agency.

However, this is not as simple an issue as you think. Let's face it, the media is one of the most powerful and dangerous means of communication. And it does not only provide you with information it also affects how you think. Worse yet, a large part of its trash goes into your brain and you start believing in pretty much everything it tries to sell you. The thing doesn't get that bad yet if it stops there. But it gets extremely bad when it starts affecting your religious belief or to say when it tries to teach you religion.

The problem at hand, therefore, is responsible news agencies publishing blasphemous stories to confuse the hell out of the 'confused lot'. Especially, in a 'Muslim' country such as Bangladesh this should, at any rate, not be tolerated and I speak WILL not be tolerated in sha Allah.

In doing so, we need to get, a sort of, conversation going on bdnews24.com page. Therefore, I need you to follow the link to that article and give your comment in sha Allah.

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