October 09, 2012

A little dawaah conversation on the road!

Even though my MA class was postponed tonight and at the beginning, I was exasperatingly annoyed with the fact, at the end I did manage to make the best use of my free time alhamdulillah. Not bragging here but I actually realized something very important tonight while I was talking to my non-Muslim classmate on our way back home. That is we often tend to let our 'preconceived notion' about a person come in the way of our dawaah. This is especially wrong because when you are having, say, a biased idea about a person you ignore a lot of things which if you were not biased you would have considered. Now, what if the person is everything you did not think them to be?

Simple yet a safe way to go about it is, just stop getting ideas. Start from the scratch and for sure you do not start with anything more important than the concept of oneness, not just any concept of oneness but the unique Islamic concept of oneness and monotheism. And why does it make sense? Why does Allaah get angry when we ascribe partners to Him? Everything. From the very beginning of it till the very end, explain the matter. Even though it is a very good ploy to start with Tawheed, a lot of times it is better to establish credibility before anything else. Because if you look into the life of the prophet(s.) you would see that when he actually started giving dawaah he already had his credibility firmly established.

I was saying I met this non-Muslim classmate tonight, you know these days I do not have to beat around the bush I just straight start talking about Islam or start giving him dawaah, that is to say. Why because I was able to establish a good foundation. Thus, our relationship became such that we could now talk about everything under the sky, so to speak.

Alhamdulillaah it was a positive conversation tonight and now let me see where it ends up in sha Allah! Please make du'a for him.

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