May 11, 2011

The fitna of Islaamic forums :-

Listen up ppl! Recently I noticed something on the internet forums. I'm sure you'll also notice if you look at the forums that there is access for the non Muslims & reverts alike.

Well what this does is it confuses the hell out of them. Because in those forums if you want to register you'd have to show that you are following some school of thought. However, this is not the main problem. The problem is different people from different school of thoughts engage in unnecessary debates which confuse the less knowledgeable Muslims & it scares the non Muslims as well as the new Muslims big time.

My question is if you would debate & call others names why letting the non Muslims know what you are! If you have decided you are not going to be humble then why speaking this out loud to some revert who have known Muslims to be good humble people?

I mean really, we do dawaah to assure the non Muslims that Islam is not complicated & then we complicate things ourselves. As we are on the topic now just today I was listening to a lecture by shaykh Riadul Haq & he said we should not look at others but rather we should think what our contribution is in that fitna.

SubhanAllah more often than not you'll understand what school of thought the person is by noticing the way they put their words. Although there are mash a Allah brothers/sisters who don't go to the extremes in their madhahib, nonetheless; for the most part these days belonging to a school of thought has become a matter of pride. And these people, they just find a way to exalt their Imams over the other, as if they were kind of rivals.

Wake up people while you can, because prophet sallalahu alayhissalam said in an authentic narration - Who has an atom's amount of pride wont smell Paradise. Just look at the severity of pride. SubhanAllah I remind myself first & then all others inshAllaah.

May Allah give us a heart that is free from arrogance, ameen


  1. so how does one identify pride/arrogance in oneself? and in others? although it is many times easier to spot it in others.

    1. there you are brother. if we find it easier to spot arrogance in others then we have to look into our hearts in the first place.