May 25, 2011

Making the best use of your time

I don't really think I have been able to make the best use of free time. I actually didn't know how could I use my time for the betterment of my Islaamic knowledge. How I realized the difficulty of seeking knowledge without a teacher, I badly need a teacher to do it the right way. Because sometimes when someone doesn't have a teacher it's tough for them to keep themselves motivated. You'll be okay if you feel you are trying to learn whatever you can by yourself but if you are not content with it then you'll try to justify the obligation of learning knowledge and slack off saying 'knowledge is only for the scholars' or 'I'm not learning much'. Well knowledge wouldn't come to you if you weren't giving your full commitment to it.

Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd said: Whoever tries to acquire knowledge wholesale will have it slip away wholesale. It is also said that, Trying to pack too much knowledge into the ears at one time leads to misunderstanding.

To be honest, I have committed to this mistake many many many times. I never was sure where to start how to start and what to start. However, whenever I tried to punctuate myself with a single topic at a time I succeeded Alhamdulillah. Also starting to study at this matured age was a bit tough & it's still tough as I'm growing older & older.

And as I got a job recently now it has become way more tough for me to acquire knowledge. I have wasted much time thinking about the process of learning but now it's time to act I guess. Yesterday I registered for the upcoming course of alkauthar titled 'Lord of the worlds' by Shaykh Towfique Chowdhury. I'm very excited about it, I guess it will be more beneficial when I sit with the brothers & study about it inshAllah. I missed the last course due to some unavoidable reasons but inshAllah soon I'll get the audio lectures of it & listen to them.

By the way, if you are thinking about studying knowledge then I strongly recommend you the alkauthar courses, because it's perfect for the people that are extremely busy. They are basically tertiary level one weekend course & they'll leave you with a good solid foundation on the subject taught in the course inshAllah.


SO I gotta stop now lol, talk to you later inshAllah
happy learning


  1. Nice one, finally found out where i was doing wrong in entering the website. Make du'a for me so i dont miss the Mercy to the Worlds course due to the same reasons that made u miss the firt one.

  2. Aren't you attendin the course titled 'Lord of the Worlds'?