May 09, 2011

Learning Arabic!

I've been trying to learn Arabic for quite a while now, but with no success. For me,the intent of learning this language is not to be able to converse in it but rather to better understand the Qur'aan inshAllah. Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to go to an Arabic language teacher hence I've been trying it online. AS I said I wed through a lot of Arabic language programs online & each time I start the course & later on lose the enthusiasm in the middle of nowhere.

Recently in I found a series of books on Arabic grammar & morphology. So I downloaded them & started reading the first volume & found that it's extremely easy! The author explained the concepts so simply with very little words subhanAllah. May Allah reward him abundantly for his effort, ameen. :)

After reading this book it finally occurred to me that I can also learn Arabic & I can also understand the Qur'aan like many others inshAllah. So I was very excited about it & I still am. However, I'm still not sure how long this euphoria will last lol. NEED DUAS!!! Please, inshAllah!

Oppss! By the way, the name of this series is Arabic Tutor. It's divided in four volumes. I strongly recommend it as I saw people saying they largely benefited from this book Alhamdulillah.

So you start learning now!!I'm also learning inshAllah. And since language is for communication, I need people to communicate with me in my new language :). So anyone who is interested lemme know, we'll talk. Oh brothers of course :)

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