June 17, 2010

Do you really need a title?...:-S

I hate this business in my life. Why do I have to do so many things at a time? I need a break. I don't want to lose my patience, but I don't know what happens to me sometimes, I feel horrible. I am doing an internship at the University Press Limited, it's a good place to be in and my colleagues are also very helpful.

My University is going at its own pace too. The courses are not that boring, but you sometimes do feel like throwing the books at the instructor and go somewhere you don't know! Who wants to attend classes that are instructed by Zombies???? I don't!

I don't know as to how I passed all these years at this freakin University!!! A mystery really. When I attended the residential semester in my 1st year at school, I had to attend drill classes and sing the national anthem while saluting the national flag.! I don't know how many of you have really heard of such a "loser" idea in your life. I am sure there is no University more "painful" than Brac.

I had never been deserted in my life before the residential semester. I had to live far away from my parents, I missed them. And ask me what else did miss? I missed Ammu's handmade foods, her "Jhari" ( Scolding), watching sports with Abbu, quarreling with my older sister.

Dear friends, I don't want to take your sympathy but trust me I had no real friends at that time. For some unknown reason, none liked being my friend. Some people smiled back to me while others didn't. Some people talked to me and others didn't. May be I was a bore, I couldn't hit "dirty" jokes as they say!

Whatever it was, my mission to befriend someone was a real flop!

I was also a bit unlucky at that time. No one picked me for the Cricket team, and obviously I couldn't play. But hey I was one of the cheerleaders of the team......:P

and guess what? I was also given a medallion as a part of the team. Fascinating is it not?


  1. well...it's amazing to find a cheerleader of a genie... lol...i liked the sentence structure... short and carefree... keep writing... I'll keep reading

  2. hahaha...........Thank you so much!

  3. Interesting read. I stumbled onto your blog. Keep it up . Very interesting description.

  4. haha wow thanks for stopping by sister, please keep on visiting in sha Allah :D