June 16, 2010

Books and Books!!!

,I just finished 4.50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie. It was really a fun read! I loved how the story progressed and the best thing was it was a rapid reader. Didn't give me much time to get bored.....LOL...........I also liked how the characters developed. I especially liked Mrs. Jane Marple and Lucy Eylesbarrow. In fact, I fell in love with Lucy...:-$.............It was really fun noticing how each of the bachelors of Crackenthorpe house approached her. And I was really pissed off with the Old man Mr.Crackenthorpe, he sounded like a pervert to me. He indirectly proposed Lucy and pretended to be a young man. This guy truly hates his children, except for Emma Crackenthorpe. Who didn't get married for his father, she was so very fond of her old man.

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  1. one of the best novels featuring Jane Marple. I loved it too.