June 16, 2010

Argentina's match at 5:30! I don't wanna go to University.....:(

It's 10:57 AM in the morning, raining outside. I have a class at 2:00 PM...:(. Don't wanna spoil the mood and attend this boring Globalization and Media class. Besides there is a world cup match at 5:30 PM and most importantly it's Argentina who are playing against South Korea. I have a mixed feeling, on one hand I love Argentine football and on the other I can't see an Asian soccer power lose! It may be that deep down in my mind I hope that South Korea do well.....:-s

Now, let's get down to business. There has been a lot of debate going on who will win the world cup? I really hope Argentina win, but only God knows what happens in the end. Many people are saying Messi will win the world cup for Argentina. Well, to me it sounds like a pipe dream although I support Argentina. But let's face it! A football game is not won single handedly. We have to accept the fact that not everyone is a Maradona! Argentina can only win as a team. And that I believe is very much possible. Argentina played good football in their first match. But the finishing was just not there. However, I would not hesitate giving the credit to the Nigerian goalie Enayama. He played exceptionally well! He saved a minimum of three certain goals which could have been scored by Messi.

Anyhow, if I look back and ponder upon Argentina's performance it concerns me much. Cause South Korea and Nigeria are not a same team. South Korean defense is more likely to be stronger than Nigeria's. And if the Argentine forwards suffer with this defense then they might even have to lose this game. Only time will tell what turns out in reality.

Diego Maradona is the coach, not me!!!...:) He knows what to do. And he surely has a master plan against South Korea. I just want to see whether this plan works out or not.

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