July 11, 2010

World cup finaL 2010 South Africa: Spain vs the Netherlands

Whats wrong with these people? Do they even keep up with the world cup matches? I was reading an article by one of the most famous Bangladeshi soccer stars, Kazi Salahuddin. He was saying if the match goes down to tiebreakers then Netherlands have a strong chance to beat Spain. I was like when pigs fly!

I mean doesn't he know that Spain is the only team which has the likes of Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes sitting on the side bench?

And their main stand in the goal bar is Igar Cassillas, who is one of the best goalies in the world right now. I want to remind you all that he saved the day against Paraguay by making that crucial penalty save.

I don't say Netherlands don't have a chance to win this game. But I don't suppose their chances are any higher than Spain to come out as winners if the match goes down to the wires.


  1. I wouldn't say that Holland has a better chance... but I HOPE Holland win :D

  2. I wouldn't contend if Holland would win... I just HOPE that they would beat Spain:D

  3. I read the article as well. Hmm...don't care much about it as long as spain wins :]

  4. well.. i was supporting netherlands.. but im happy spain won.. they deserved it.. netherlands made just too many fouls and did not deserve the cup on the basis of humanity/morality/whatever...