July 10, 2010

The fairy tale of an Octopus

World cup soccer always comes with something different. And this time we have a crazy German octopus who makes prediction about possible results of the game. And the scary thing is its prediction has been scarily accurate!

Being a Muslim I don't believe this octopus has any knowledge of the unseen. These are just coincidences. And people are sure to make an issue out of it. I urge you all not to buy this nonsense. How can an Octopus make prediction? Isn't it ridiculous?

Lol.Well tonight I badly prayed for Uruguay so that they prove this "Octopus prediction" wrong. But unfortunately it didn't happen, after a lot of drama they came out as losers.

It was really tragic. First the scoreline was 1-0 for Germany, then 1-1, then 2-1 for Uruguay, 2-2 Germany equalized, and finally 3-2 for Germany. The final drama happened at the 90th minute when Uruguay won a direct free kick. And the free kick was taken by the Uruguayan hero Diego Forlan. And the shot hit the upright!

At one point I thought Uruguay is gonna win but their luck overtook them.


  1. lol. The octopus couldn't save the Germans after all.

  2. hey I thought the Octopus picked Germany?!!?

  3. sorry...I sorta missed that fact. Octopus was right!! Germany did lose and what is more interesting is that Spain won the football WC 2010.

    Btw...the octopus has a name. PAUL....we gotta show some respect :P