July 21, 2010

Thinking of the future

Sense of humor is one of the most precious gifts of God. Yet some of us are badly in need of it. We often see people importuning in the streets and we ask 'em- "Why are you begging, can't you go and just work?" We fail to consider the fact that people don't beg for fun. More often than not it is a last resort for most.

We never once consider how in the world they were to do anything except for begging. Where is our sense of humor? Why do we scold at 'em? Is it our concern to wonder about what could they do and what should they be doing? Should we not seriously try and change the situation and act like civil people instead of pointing fingers at 'em? We don't know their intention, do we? Then whats the point in arguing with people about their intentions?

We should really look at ourselves instead. And check what our intentions are. Whenever a beggar knocks your car's window can you put your hand on your heart and say you don't get annoyed? Don't worry, if your answer is "no", cause I feel annoyed too. But we should change our mindset and stop treating them like dirt. Cause in countries like Bangladesh these people are the majority of the population.

Rich children will anyhow find their ways, but do we realize what will happen to these poor children? They are the majority, and it is upon us to educate them.

And what education am I talking about? A,B,C,D,E,F,G..............and that's it?

No these children should be educated inside out, so that they can lead this country in the future. When can someone lead a country properly?

Simple. When one has a better understanding of his religion. And it is especially true about Muslims, if we look at the Islamic caliphate we we would see how impeccably the Caliphs had ruled in the bygone era.

If they could do it then these children in the future can do the same too. Only if we could nurture them properly. If these children are given the proper understanding of the teachings of Islam, then we are sure to succeed in all the facets of life.

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