October 24, 2010

A dire Warning to the brothers and sisters of Brac

i have been tolerating this university for 4 long years, I really can't take this fitna anymore. Indeed it was some trial to study at Brac, people walking around either in tights or transparent outfits aoudhubillah. You may think me a lewis ( we say "luichcha" in Bangla......:p) but trust me whoever goes through these kinda afflictions only understands what it's like! Indeed what prophet salawatullahi wa salamualay said was true! He said: "I don't fear for you anything except the fitna of women."

This hadith,however,is not to be misunderstood. No offense to the sisters but it's how Allah created us men that we are visual beings. When we see a woman we get attracted while the women get attracted to men by hearing their voices. Yes it's our weakness that we very easily fall prey to satan when it comes to dealing with women. But it is also an obligation upon the Muslim women that they cover themselves properly. Indeed Allah didn't tell them to cover for the pleasure of it, no! Women are to be covered and they are a very precious creation of Allah azza wajjal, Allah has honored the women and now it's upon them to preserve this honor.

Now going back to brac, why do I say brac is a fitna? I say this because I found some serious issues with a few people up there. There is this hidden club named LYGen [ Liberal Youth Generation]and I ask you all to remember the name be careful of it. It's a club founded in NSU and they are affiliated with HT[ Hizbut Tahrir]. These folks are deviating the pious brothers of brac and kinda "brainwashing" them in order that they associate with them in their misguidance.

Basically I am writing this note to warn my brothers and sisters of Brac, so that they can keep themselves aware of them. I ask you all to not associate yourselves with some group as grouping is forbidden in Islaam Allah has told us not to divide among ourselves. And this HT by making "hizb is going against the Qur'an openly. You practice Islam wholeheartedly inshAllaah do whatever is obligatory upon you, please note I am not telling you to compromise your Islaam. But I am just telling you to practice Islaam the right way InshAllaah.

Subhanakallahumma wa bihamdik ashhadu anna la ilaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk

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