October 26, 2010

The Predicament of "Love Affairs"

Read a tragic story in the newspaper a few days ago, it's about a 19 year old university girl from chittagong who got murdered by her boyfriend. Such a tragedy! Getting murdered by someone she loved! Why? If that guy truly loved her how can he take her life? Is it possible? Yes, it's possible and in fact that's what actually happened. Because it was something called a "love affair". Now lemme give you a brief definition of what is a love affair? A love affair is where a girl and a boy say- they are gonna be going out for a few years and then when they are stable enough they'll get married if everything goes right.

[I have complete respect for the deceased Sarima Rahman, and i am not blaming her for anything here. She was I suppose a naive girl who got trapped by a menacing boy, and may Allah forgive her with His countless mercy, ameen]

Well, i have seen people saying "we are committed...", " we are in an open relationship" and this and that. But in reality they don't actually know what they are doing. However, I don't look down on the ones that fall in love since it's a natural inclination toward the opposite sex.

Please don't take me wrong but religion is not the only issue here. If anyone opens their mind and thinks will surely realize that when they fall in love they lose their sleep, they lose the happiness and fun of life until they get their love. And what if they don't get the one they love? Yes, right! Most of them these days start saying this life is not worth living, i need to die!

SubhanAllaah, i have seen how religion always proves to be the ultimate healer of the disease called "prem-rog" or "love-craze" or whatever you may like to call it. well, I wont be revealing my story here (lol) because that's not my intention for writing this note InshAllaah.

why are you lookin at me eh? Are you thinkin I am self-contradictin myself? First I say religion is not the only issue and now I am saying religion is the ultimate healer? Wait! I am gonna clarify this a bit inshAllah. You see we human beings have to live for something. I mean really can anyone live without dependin on anything? Dependence is essential in a person's life. Of course, I am not tellin you to become momma's boys, so don't be deceived inshAllaah........Lol....:p

What I mean is you must need some sort of authority to control your life. When you do not find peace anywhere then who do you go to? - Your Creator. Even if i assume you are not a Muslim I can say for certain you do have Allah for yourself and you do believe in Him but you just don't recognize Him. Whenever any person of any race or religion gets afflicted with some serious trial they cry out- "oh God! Help me out". This clearly says it is our natural disposition to realize the power Allah has over our lives.

Turning to Allah therefore is the only option left to us if we are to truly experience our spiritual void. And the love you and I define is created by Allah The Almighty. We know He is Peace and from Him is Peace, and to Him is the return.

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