July 16, 2010

know what are you living?

Most don't actually know their belief to be honest. I am not talking about true belief. I am not going that far, but they don't even have the simple belief or something to that effect. We believe in a God who is ever forgiving and of course it is one of His attributes. But we often forget that He is also stern in punishment. So what we do is we always take the one and ignore the other. I was listening to Radio the other day, and some RJ was being annoyingly talkative, the topic was "rain". So you know there comes an sms from some random girl who says she would like to be drenched with her boy friend in rain. And to finish it off she said InshAllah. So that's the belief I am talking about. She has a longing for a dark desire and yet she is wanting Allah's will in this! How pathetic.

I'm not denouncing anyone, so please don't get me wrong. I am just trying to portray our situation as Muslims. My outcry to all of you is whatever you are-a Buddhist, Christian, Jew or Muslim. Know your faith, and if you don't know your faith then at least try to know about it. If, however, you don't want to learn about your faith then without a doubt it's not a true faith and in that case you should not affiliate yourself with the community you are in until you have a basic understanding of it.

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