October 09, 2012

Allah Knows and I do not!

It so happens sometimes that you convince yourself into thinking you are not having high hopes concerning a matter. However, if you were really honest to yourself you would see that you were simply deceiving yourself. Because, when you do not get the thing you want you are upset and distraught. If your heart didn't long for the thing in the first place why would you be so upset? That is, because, deep down inside you wanted it badly. But when you do not find it coming your way, you are frustrated. Why am I saying all this? Why because I have been going through this in the last couple of days. At the beginning, I tell myself that I am not going to have high hopes this time as I have bitter experiences for doing so. Thus having this mindset I approach, and after things do not turn out as I want them to, I am miserable! I ASK Allah to give me patience and I ask Him to make me accept His qadr, even though at the beginning it always seems a bit difficult with practice it is possible in sha Allah. For Allaah does not give a burden to anyone beyond their ability.


  1. sister,, just now i am passing some of those days..situations getting creepier from all around, the very moment I entered into my office n opened my office mail n got another negative news, I became sure.. of course I am passing another critical test of my life.. every time problems come in my life with their friends which are unique in their nature..Alhamdulillah,,my days are passing reading n listening recitation from Quran, lecture by NAK,Dr. Bilal Philips, reading articles about 'patience', doing 'dikr', reading positive blogs, except i have no one beside me whom i can discuss or share my fears...Hope Allah is listening me n surely he'll pass these fears ...Pray for me n all those who are passing tough times everywhere in the world..

  2. Assalamualaykum sister!

    JazakIAllahu khairan for stopping by my blog :D

    Alhamdulillah may Allaah keep you firm upon the truth, ameen!

    and I am a brother.