October 10, 2012

I'm a Chomskyan, hence I speak!

Noam Chomsky, the American linguist, has been talking a lot of sense lately. In fact, he has been talking sense for over a decade now, I suppose. I especially like the way he bashes the US policy. His uncompromising attitude is something needed in today’s world.

Time has changed. And with the winds of change, new government has come to power in the states. Namely, Obama administration. However, there has not been a departure from the way Chomsky speaks. In other words, one good thing about him, I find, is he does not change his stance be it Bush or Obama. Truth be told, there is basically no fundamental difference between Obama and Bush. If you really want to find one, you may find it in education.

Chomsky states concerning the US policy on Iran: “the Obama administration announced a readjustment of U.S. anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe. That led to a great deal of commentary and debate, which, as in the past, skilfully evaded the central issue. …The chance of Iran launching a missile attack, nuclear or not, is about at the level of an asteroid hitting the Earth -- unless, of course, the ruling clerics have a fanatic death wish and want to see Iran instantly incinerated.”

The US, if you look, is ready to take every kind of safety measures under the sky to protect their sovereignty. However, this is not referring to ‘physical’ safety measures a state takes for protection. But rather these measures are being taken to continue having the monopoly of the situation under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Really, it does not take nuclear science to understand that the US does not give monkeys about fighting terrorism. In fact, you would find, by and large, the terrorising is done by the US and they are the primary source terrorism stems from.

Let’s bring in some examples from seerah here, to bring the point closer to home. If you look into history you would always find the hypocrites posing as the absolute model of truth and goodness. Abdullah ibn Salul, for example, was the leader of the hypocrites. Whenever prophet (s.) would stand on the podium he would get up and say ‘pay attention to the messenger of Allah.’ Why would someone do that? Is it not obvious that it is the messenger of Allaah? The irony is that by doing so Abdullah ibn salul had exposed his true nature of hypocrisy, because only a hypocrite would do that. In the same way, the US and its allies (The mastermind being the illegitimate state of Israel) would try to feed you everything, assuming, the rest of the world is a fool. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has been buying all this rubbish sold by the US.

I have worked in the media for a few months and I have practical experience as to how it functions. So I can tell you, with all my honesty, that CNN, BBC, al Jazeera, ABC these are all means of propaganda. And I suppose, I do not even have to give you this information you already know this in your mind but you still listen to their trash. Why because you think you are getting solid information. But the worst of all things is when you believe in something broadcasted in any of these channels, especially when it tells you of a Muslim to be a terrorist and a fanatic.

It is, indeed, your duty to verify the news given to you by the evildoer. How in the world do you accept news on face value? Of all things, newspapers and news channels are not the sources you blindly believe, because these sources are by their very nature infidels!

SO I leave you with your sense of judgment to take what you think best and leave what you think worst.

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