November 03, 2012

Reading the right!

Some people say reading is boring, others might even claim it to be passe. As for me, I do not know of any other activity that is more refreshing and enlightening than reading. Reading influences the way you think. Obviously I am referring to quality reading, not some airport novels that are found in the streets!

Read.Read.Read. More importantly, read good literature. When I am mentioning good literature I am, largely, talking about the classics. Read Dickens, Dickinson, Austen, Bronte sisters, Christie, Katherine Mansfield and the list continues.....

You might say, why would I read novels? Are they not a waste of time?

Well, a Muslim embraces the truth wherever he finds it. So if you learn a lesson from a book that is apparently not calling you to Islam but there is no kufr or shirk attached to it, wont you take it?

I often see people blowing things out of proportion concerning this issue of reading 'not-so-beneficial' books. Sure we have to acquire religious knowledge, but how does one acquire it in one go?

Give the poor brother/sister some time for themselves. You cannot expect everyone to become Imam Nawawi or Imam Malik overnight. It is from the characteristics of a normal human being to long for entertainment. And what better entertainment there is other than reading?


  1. woww! MashAllah. i should start reading books too.
    you inspire me :)

  2. Alhamdulilaah!

    Please do in sha Allah :D