November 15, 2012

A guidance so few of us appreciate.......

Of late, I have been thinking about the lyrics of the Hindi movie songs, not that I am a Hindi movie freak though. Whatever it is, I find it extremely amazing how in the world do the Bollywood music directors manage to instill shirk in people so masterfully!

I mean, you just take the trouble to look into the lyrics of the songs. They contain direct invitations to shirk in love. They talk about a love affair between a guy and a girl, and how one becomes equal to god to the other!

Well, I don't blame them entirely, given the fact that they do not really know the Greatness of Allah. The concept of god that they have in Hinduism is pretty shallow. It is a god with which, at times, one gets so upset that they reject its authority in and of itself. It is ironical that according to their own admission these gods made of soil and metal do not posses any power to either harm or benefit. It should really need no nuclear science, since they themselves are created by their 'worshipers.'

So what is it really that blinds the logical human being from seeing the truth? Well, it is the blind following of their forefathers, to a certain degree. In other words, they are just not comfortable with the idea of departing from the worship of the lord of their ancestors to any being. However, primarily the problem is the veils of misguidance. Nevertheless, we do see people converting from Hinduism to Islam. How do you explain that?

In the first place, it is Allaah Who guides whosoever He wills. Secondly, Allaah would not guide anyone and everyone. Guidance is a precious gift. Who knows may be the person with the blessing of Islam might have been a very good person in their pre-Islamic period. Probably, Allaah chose to guide them taking their goodness into consideration, Allaah knows best.

Anyhow, our writing and speaking about these people in the public is not the only solution. We have to be the ones guiding them to the way of Allaah, and here I am referring to the guidance in which no divine intervention is present. The divine guidance that lightens the heart comes from Allaah only. You and I cannot say for example, 'I will guide such and such a person to Islam.' It would just be a big fat claim with no substance.

So if we are to make a difference as callers to Allah we have to force ourselves into doing two things. Firstly, we have to give non-Muslims and non-practicing Muslims constant reminders to understanding Islam. Secondly, we have to always keep making du'a for their guidance.