June 10, 2014

Acsu, the BCCI agent

The long awaited verdict of BPL fixing scandal revealed shocking revelations. The tribunal on Sunday questioned the role played by International Cricket Council's (ICC) Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (Acsu). It termed Acsu's way of dealing with corruption as “unfortunate” and “wrong”.

According to the 59-page report, Acsu knew beforehand that the match between Dhaka Gladiators and Chittagong Kings on February 2, 2013 was fixed.

Why did Acsu allow a fixed and corrupt match to take place? And why did they not inform BCB about it when, according to Services Agreement, they were supposed to assist the board in overseeing, managing, implementing and enforcing all aspects of the tournament code?

A report published in the Dhaka Tribune on June 10 mentions the tribunal was not impressed with the justifications provided by Acsu.

Now, is it not totally incomprehensible as to how an ICC specialized unit fails to provide strong reasons for not stopping a fixed match?

Intelligent people need only an indication but history has it that BCCI had signed a contract with ICC which demanded they be favored over other council members.

Who would be benefited if BPL was done and dusted due to corruption? Yes, the BCCI.

Here you go--- 'I need a favor. I have to maintain the IPL mania.'

And I tell you what, the way BPL had started its journey it really did threaten the one way traffic of IPL.

How to maintain the glamor of IPL? Simple. Stop BPL from flourishing by just cutting the roots of it. Get the ICC to start bossing in the tournament without giving any room to BCB.

BCCI knew full well that the poor BCB has neither muscle power nor money to recover from such a big scale corruption scandal.

Now, it is all a theory and may well be unfounded. But is it really that far-flung?

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