September 17, 2012

Allaah is there, you just choose to believe or disbelieve in Him

It often occurs to me that the reality of this life, at the end of the day, is that there is nobody, who would really stay forever. Think about your loved ones, for example. Do you think they would be with you forever? You are a fool if you think so! They wouldn't. They would either expire or would just leave. This reminds us of an extremely important point which Allaah reiterates in the Qur'an, all the time. Yes, Allaah tells you that when there is no refuge, you'll get refuge under His shade. What does it teach us? It simply teaches us that no matter how smart and arrogant we have become we must rectify our heart and go back to Him before it is too late. Because you know my beloved, on the day of judgment your closest friend in this dunya will not be beside you to help you and take you out of your difficulty. He will be too busy with his own account and he will be too overwhelmed thinking how can he come out of this terrible situation. It is,truly,what I call a predicament. It is mentioned that a person will be ready to give the entire world in an attempt to avoid hellfire, but it will not be accepted from him. Allaah is now calling us to success, the door of repentance is open. However, if we are not taking this opportunity then we should really prepare for a grievous punishment.

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