April 30, 2012

BPL! Please do not humiliate us no more!

BANGLADESH! In the month of March this year, our country had organized a t20 tournament under the name of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Even though it came under the umbrella of entertainment it was done solely with the purpose of business. Thus, the amount of money wasted in the event was just insane!

On top of all that, we read in the newspapers that the overseas players as well as the local players who played in the tournament have not yet been given their total payment. How, on earth would they be able to establish credibility for a tournament such as this one if they do not even make the payment properly? such a disgrace!

Now, It might sound as if I'm a big fan of cricket, well not a big fan but a fan nonetheless. But I exclusively watch the games that involve Bangladesh in em. However, I'm not a fan of wasting money. The way Bangladesh Premier League started pleased many of us, now we have to really consider what have we gained from it? Did the pathetic situation of the country change?

There is no rule of law in the country and here we are wasting our money and time over foul play and overseas cricketers. The entire country is confused as to where they are headed in the future. The government is consistently failing to meet the needs of the people hence the effort to cover up its failure by feeding us BPL-like tournaments considering, of course, how cricket crazy a nation we are!

How funny it is to say that India started IPL therefore we also have to start BPL without considering what situation the majority of the people in Bangladesh are in. Pretty much the entire country goes hungry while in the capital millions of dollars are wasted only to serve a handful of the rich. Worse yet, local currency is going out with those hired overseas players only to increase the plight of the rural majority.

I'm in no way saying the game of cricket is haraam or something. But if this....is what you call a healthy alternative of an entertainment to stay away from falling into haraam then that's an irony.

It is an irony, you ignore your own people while prioritize others who were never your own. It is an irony, you say you hate India and yet take their way of life to be 'modern'. It is an irony, your tv channels are not shown on Indian channels and yet Hindi serials are your life and they are all you live for! It is an irony, you say you are 'Muslim' and yet enjoy seeing your 'Muslim' sisters as cheerleaders. Whats wrong with you oh people? Have you no sense of morality and judgment?


  1. OMG! amazing! MashAllah!
    i'd like to post this on the newspaper if i get the chance:P

  2. Lol. Thanks, just spread the word in sha Allaah :D