September 26, 2011

A masjid close to my heart

Whenever I go to the masjid at road no# 7, i feel so amazing! Al hamdulillaah! Every time I go there I just want to keep on praying subhan Allaah and the best thing is when you go there you don't feel bored or fatigued but rather you feel this energy inside of you each time you stand for prayer subhan Allaah.

The environment of the masjid is just awesome, it's just so green around the masjid complex. And if you could just feel the cool breeze that blows all the time around the clock, it's almost as if Allaah welcomes His slaves to His house in a unique way by turning on this natural air conditioner subhan Allaah!

I found comfort and tranquility when I was praying in the balcony of the masjid today, i was able to let go of this world and focus on something way beyond a transitory existence! It was a surreal feeling!

Yes, i was very upset today as I was missing Raiiq, my brother in Islam who flew to the UK this morning to study medicine ma sha Allaah. And going to that particular place reminded me of him and just for a moment I found it hard to believe that he wasn't around.

Yes brother, we don't know the future and we don't know whats there in store for us. Hence I don't know whether I will be alive the next time you come to Bangladesh or not.

I apologize to you if I ever have hurt your feelings. Please do forgive me and keep me in your prayers in sha Allaah.

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