July 11, 2011

Reflections on Surah Fajr - Part1 - based on a lecture by Br. Nouman Ali Khan

Bismillah wassalatu wassalam ala Rasulillaah

Surah Fajr is the 89th surah of the Glorious Qur'an. Like other surahs it also has some unique characteristics. However, in the Qur'an we have different types of Surahs. In some surahs Allah focuses on core Aqeedah issues and in some other surahs fiqh, seerah and so on and so forth. This particular surah falls on the type of surahs where Allaah takes oaths. In other words, these types of surahs are commonly known as 'wa' surahs. And when Allaah takes oaths then we really have to grow an ear as there are several reasons why Allah takes oaths in the first place. Also to better understand the message of the surah we have to consider the wisdom behind these oaths.

The reasons behind Allah's taking of oaths

1. When Allaah takes an oath then the severity of the matter is very heavy.
2.Oaths create intention.
3.Allaah wants us to understand and reflect on the message.

Word for Word take on the Surah

Now let's inshAllaah do a bit of word for word meaning of the surah. Let's take the first word 'fajr' with which Allah starts the series of oaths. 'Fajr' basically means something which rips away completely. Or in other words, we can say it tears away the darkness of the night. Like as you know the Fajr is the Arabic of dawn. SubhanAllah notice 'fajr' is one word and how big a message it conveys in English. By using the word fajr Allaah refers to a beginning of life. How?

You know what Rasulullah (s.a.w) used to recite when he woke up? Yes, he used to recite 'Alhamdulillahilladhi ahyaina badama amatana wailahin nushur'. Which basically means Praise be to Him who has given you second life. Because we all know sleeping is minor death. As Allaah says in Surat an Naba, Ayah 9 - "....and have made your sleep as a thing for rest."

So the lesson we find from it is that when we wake up at fajr and recite the du'a then it reminds us of resurrection. That the one who has the power to resurrect us from minor death then He also can resurrect us on the day of judgment after we have spent countless number of years in the grave.

Al Biqai Rahimahullaah commented - "When Allaah swears by the morning time then He reminds us of His creative Power to create life out of death."

Now this is something very beautiful subhanAllaah, appreciate this inshAllaah. Some Ulema commented when the animals and birds set out from their nests in search of provision they make a lot of noise and these noises are nothing but the dhikr of Allaah! But you cannot understand it as we human beings cannot grasp the unseen. You know what I find more beautiful from this little piece information? That is every soul is at sleep at this period of time except for the animals and........us the believers Alhamdulillaaah!!!!!!!! :D

The Ulema went further and commented - that the heart is most fearful of before its at fajr. Why because at this time we are leaving our homes only with the intention of worshiping Allaah alone.

In commenting on the word fajr Ash Shawkani Rahimahullah says - " This is not just a reference to the time of fajr but dawn of Islaam." In other words, victory of Islam will come at the time of fajr. It's like saying when fajr comes wait for Allaah's desicion, our victory is just around the corner subhanAllaah!

To be continued.......

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