March 13, 2011

World Cup Cricket 2011: Curse of a Blessing !

I wont be judging whether it's a good or a bad thing that the world cup cricket 2011 is takin place in Bangladesh. As for us Muslims, it indeed is on the negative side considering the times we waste on these cricket matches. Well, my intention is definitely not blowing things out of proportion, it's not! So relax lol. Basically the intent of this post is just to remind myself and you that if we were to be a little wise bout our time management then we could easily watch these games without a doubt.

But we have to admit the fact that we never give much thought to the importance of time management. And as it's a problem with pretty much everyone I know, it's better if we don't watch all the games of this world cup. Is it really necessary? I mean we could only watch the games that involve Bangladesh or may be some of your other favorite teams for that matter.

However, I do realize some people will watch every single game of this tournament sayin that 'I think we should not miss any game at all, since they are all so competitive.' My reply to them is if you are so gung-ho bout this world cup which merely happens once in a four years then what bout the prayers you say to Allah continuously at least 5 times a day?

See When your team wins it's not gonna give you its share of the prize money, but you get all euphoric bout their victory. Have you ever realized the fact that for each prayer Allah expiates your sins? Im sure you haven't if you fall into the category of the people who have prioritized sports in their lives.

Here, I would like to repeat that I'm not against sports at all! Really playing or watching sports can be a healthy alternative to the forbidden things we often commit to. But if that sports waste our time then even this innocent activity becomes forbidden.

However, if we would like to watch every single game anyway then we can! But we have to make sure we are not stuck into the tv all the time, we could/must take a break once in a while. In addition, we could read the Qur'an or hadith for at least 5 minutes if not more by the will of Allah.

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