February 08, 2011

The harsh reality of life

There is a 10 year old boy named hope. He never wanted an extravagant life, his demands to his parents are very little. It is only that they live together in peace and harmony. This boy hope never gave his parents a hard time, he never bugged his mom or dad for any material thing. Still he doesn't want anything except that he longs to be with his mom and dad.

Since the time he was born he had seen his parents ranting and raving at each other. Calling names and doing all the crazy and abnormal things one could ever imagine. The elders of the families of hope's parents were fed up dealing with it anymore, can you think of the predicament hope himself was going through?

And today, he is a bigger kid. Hence he understands a lot more than before. He knows the nature of his parents. He knows none of his parents is ever going to humble themselves for good. So everything he has been seeing all his life is going to continue.

But he loves his parents very much, they mean the world to him. But the fact of the matter is, his parents are so selfish that they don't care involving him in their crap. Thus in the process he has become 20 years older than his original age. He has been forced to grow up. And you can imagine what happens when the natural process of growth is disturbed.

God! He asks you when will this world come to an end and he will sleep forever. You and I are very fortunate that we had a normal life in our childhood. We can never realize his sufferings, but for sure we can pray for him.

His entire life is ahead of him and he still doesn't know how in the world is his wound going to heal!

At the end, I would like you to think of this little life for one minute please. Later when you go to pray bring all your emotions in front of the Creator to guide this boy and give him more strength to face up this challenge.

( it's not an imaginary character, I used a fake name for him)

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