February 04, 2012

BrAc Ikhwaan reunited :p

Al hamdulillaahi rabbil alamin!

I had a great day today (yesterday :O) by the Mercy of Allaah (s.a.w) :), I met a old bracfriend of mine at Tanzil's(my other buddy). We really had fun up there Al hamdulillaah. It was great reminiscing the old days we'd spent together in our residential semester, interestingly enough all three of us, Tanzil, me & Raiyan lived in proximity over there.

Some of the other friends of Tanzil were also visiting him today so it was fun meeting em & being able to talk to em as well. Actually what happened was we ended up entering into a debate on Islaam. Even though in the beginning I didn't want a debate eventually I was compelled to try & refute as they were trying to delve into serious matters without knowledge. To my amazement, one of the brothers debated me merely based on what he'd heard somewhere. I mean the scholars have even warned us to not be serious with translations of Arabic texts & here you see someone fighting their heads off with something which you're not even sure of.

Then when the adhan of duhr called, those friends left & once again there remained the three of us. And al Hamdulillaah we prayed together in congregation at home. After that we had lunch during which we discussed about many issues & some of the funny experiences we had back in the day.

We talked a good deal about Islaam & how it is so important in Islaam to be in a good company. After that we started watching a Jim Carey movie titled 'A series of unfortunate events', it was somewhere in between comedy & tragedy; a rare combination indeed. However, we were not able to watch it til the end as the adhan of asr had been called & we had to rush to prayer & then go back home.

But Raiyyan had to take some audios from me so after praying he came to my place & I gave him the complete lectures of the life of the prophet (s.a.w) by Imam Anwar al Awlaki(rahima'hullah)

Much to my delight, I saw my friends concerned about how to go about pleasing Allah & serving His deen. To my chagrin, I'm not someone who could be a good mentor for them, neither am I so knowledgeable that I can teach them knowledge.

At the end of the day, it's not human beings to whom belong any power. It is Allaah Who guides & Al hamdulillaah He guided some of us unlike millions that Allah would never guide.

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